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Christian Dick Ignacio

Christian Dick Ignacio is a professional, passionate, and experienced academic writer, business blogger, and certified digital marketer with effective and efficient working collaboration with local businesses, marketing and software companies as well as top international organizations. Many international marketing businesses recognize the efforts of his work in the field of digital marketing and academic writing. Furthermore, with seven years of experience in academic writing, he offers outstanding services for writing, editing, proofreading dissertations, thesis, answer assignments, and much more for different academic subjects in the fields of Social Science, Biological Science, Physics, Chemistry, Marketing, Engineering, Computer Programming, Psychology, History, Literature, Arts, and others up to the levels of Master of Science and Ph.D. He has done a lot of creative works during the seven years of his journey as an academic writer and has written thousands of academic writings such as creative essays, blog articles, movie reviews, book reviews, and other academic essays and documents for respected clients which led to the success of individuals in their chosen fields of study in the immediate society. He is also proficient in JavaScript, Node.js, Python, and he is currently studying machine learning. As a professional academic writer, he knows the traits of being one. He is providing good quality of service and good accommodation for you and your needs.

He is in the field of writing industry for seven years and has acquired extensive experience in writing academic articles, providing good quality of service of professional writing, and is offering customized and professionally written documents to students and professionals from the top universities and organizations around the world at affordable costs with proven records. Being a multi-talented, knowledgeable, and intelligent professional writer, he has the ability to deal with difficult and complex projects of any topic and provide assistance in case of any issue occurred at any stage.

Started Freelancing
Finished College
Helped almost a hundred of professionals in their academic needs.
Written a Five hundred articles for a car niche.
Completed 78 SWOT and PESTLE analysis.
Completed 875 academic papers.
Develop a fully functional website using NodeJs, HTML5, and JQUERY.
Work on Machine Learning to problems such as classification and translation task using Tensorflow and Keras.
98% Writing
89% Coding
96% Analysis
95% Consultation

What does he do?

Academic Writing

He offers a wide variety of services for remarkable academic writing in areas such as assignments, thesis, research papers, academic essays, admission essays, dissertations, book and e-book reviews, movie reviews, and thesis editing for Master of Science and Ph.D. level with high-quality content and quick service delivery.

Content Writing

He provide services in writing that covers any kind of blog articles and website contents, e-books, e-mails, white papers, Lead Magnet, and any internet-related writings. He also provides services of blogs related to health, science and technology, business, and finance that are available with good quality of work and full satisfaction.

Digital Marketing

He has digital marketing techniques which can be considered as a key to success in the field of digital marketing because of his experience and in-depth knowledge about marketing strategies and business relationships with local and international marketing firms. With knowledge and effort, he gives his clients satisfaction with his work.

Software Development

He is working in collaboration with local and international software companies to provide technical support and assistance to customers regarding any type of software developments and IT projects with the assurance of quality and on-time delivery for reasonable rates. He is also working with other co-developers to improve more his abilities and knowledge in software development.

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Latest work

Writer’s latest work includes professional academic documents writing, article writing, writing admission essays and thesis, website & blog content writing.

Article writing

He wrote an original article of his own on the topic of “Technological Changes in Growing Economies and Challenges” and has received several reviews and recommendations for that.

Admission essay

Recently, he has written admission essays for hundreds of students who want to get an admission in their desired colleges and universities.


He has helped many students in Master of Science level by writing their academic thesis in preference to their school’s requirements.

Content writing

He has completed writings for “Home”, “About Us”, and “Contact Us” pages of websites and blogs in a professional way.

If you can't do it, hire somebody who can do it for you.


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Latest Blog Posts

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Quality over Quantity.

His aim is to provide services with quality assurance to respected clients. For this reason, there is a long-term relationship existing between him and his clients such that satisfied clients from different countries are the proof of a top-notched quality writing services he is offering. Satisfied customers are his assets and he welcomes suggestions and advice from them.

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Fast and Accurate

Students and professionals from different countries hire his writing services because the contents provided by him are original and unique and it also saves their time. They are assisted about their projects and are advised about their academic-related problems. All projects are done as per client’s preferences, needs, and sometimes guidelines and instructions given by them.

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Original and Unique

He strictly follows his one rule for customer care, “SECRECY is my top priority.” He makes sure to provide original and unique content of high quality, plagiarism-free, error-free articles and will be treated with utmost confidentiality. He also takes care of the deadlines given by the clients to complete project whether its software related, writing or editing task on time with quick service delivery.

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Pricing plans

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  • 1000 words
  • No Plagiarism Report
  • 3 revisions
  • ~4 pages
  • Fair Quality


  • 1000 words
  • Free Plagiarism Report
  • 5 revisions
  • ~4 pages
  • High Quality


  • 1000 words
  • Free Plagiarism Report
  • Unlimited revisions
  • ~4 pages
  • Super High Quality


Thousands of students and professionals are happy and satisfied with the services that he provides for the fact that it helped them reach their own success not only in their academic career but also, making changes in their own lives. They are glad that they learned the ethics and traits that they must possess to become successful in their own careers. Thousands of satisfied clients often hire his services again when they need it. Result-oriented approach and high level of communication attract clients from all over the world. They expressed their trust, loyalty, and suggestions to appreciate his efforts as follows:


Anna Bayhan


He has done a great work on writing my thesis and delivered me my project on time with very informative content, very efficient, and error-free.


Jonathan Perry


I was not able to write an essay and I needed it within a very short time. He provided me a well-written, well-researched, and error-free essay before the deadline.


Greg Smith


He helped me a lot in writing articles for my blog. I am very grateful because my articles are plagiarism-free and the contents fit my preferences. Thank you so much.


Jonh Paul Jose


Superb! Because he finished my assignment accurately and on time. Next time, I will hire him again for my thesis. He has a unique writing style and analytical skills.


Kris Smale


He helped me improve the content of my paper. It was awesome and the turn around time was magnificent.

Mark Salvatore


He is perfect in the writing industry and provides up-to-the-mark writing contents. Recently, he wrote a review about my book.

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Christian Dick Ignacio

Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte