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Simple Task

Users can earn by completing task such as writing reviews, data entry, reviewing emails, proofreading, web search and others.

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Easy Payment

Users can be paid via paypal, bank transfer or in bitcoin. Users needs to accumulate 100USD worth of points in order to withdraw their earnings.

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More Task

A lot of task are posted everyday. A user can work on any task they want as long as they meet the initial requirements for the task.


Don't worry its free.

Example : 13ts6MuVkxJWei8DrTuvLKh1XesSKSLZ1t

Example : 639364115250

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What are the available tasks?
There are a variety of tasks available such as review writing, blog writing, data entry and data classification.
What are the available tasks?
There are variety of task available such as review writing, blog writing, data entry, data classification and others.
What task should be done first?
High Paying task should be done first.
How to earn points?
A user can earn points by completing task under the work tab. A user can get points by completing task posted in the "work" tab.
How to submit work?
User must be logged-in in order to submit work. A user can submit work by submitting a proof of work.
What is a hidden task?
Hidden tasks will be shown if the user is qualified. Hidden task are high paying task that pay three (3) times compare to ordinary task. This task are shown to users with high quality work.
What is a locked task?
A task is locked when a user need to gain more experience or submit proof of work in order to unlock the task.
How many proof of work can I submit for task?
User can check the "Jobs Completed" to check how many proof of work can a user submit for a given task.
Can a user update their proof of work once they are submitted?
No, proof of work submitted cannot be edited or modified. Thus, users are advised to check proof of work before submission.
Where to find accumulated points/earnings?
Users can view their earnings in their Profile.
What is job completed and total jobs completed?
Jobs completed are all that is a certain user has done.
Can a user transfer his/her points?
No, points are non-transferable.
How to earn by referring my friends?
Users will get 20% of their lifetime earnings.
Why are the referrals not showing?
Your referrals should use your "username" during sign-up.
Why my points are not increasing?
All tasks completed are subject for review. Once the proof provided by the user for a certain task is reviewed and approved, the points for that task are rewarded to the user.
How long will the work get verified?
Proof of work submitted is checked every 48 hours. Thus, reward points will be updated every 48 hours.
What are the payment options?
Payments from earned points will be transferred directly to the account of the user. Payments are made via Bitcoin and Paypal only.
What is the payment threshold?
For users who will receive their first time payment, the user should have at least 100 USD and will be paid at the end of each month. If the user did not reach the 100 USD required, it will be carried over next month.
How to set withdrawal address?
Users can set their withdrawal address in their profile page.
What if a user is hired through freelancer/fiverr, what are his/her payment options?
Users have the choice if they want to be paid directly or through the platform.
What currency is used in all transactions?
All transactions on the website use point system. The user will be rewarded by points for every task submitted correctly and will be penalized for submitting incomplete proof required or copying the works of others.
Will a user get paid if they wrote more than the required word count?
No. Word counts required by every task are not all the same. Some tasks require 50 words and some only requires 20 words. A user can only exceed 10% of the required word count. If the user exceeds more than the 10%, his/her proof of work will be invalid and will not be rewarded.
To know the maximum word count for a task, use this computation as an example:
50 * 0.10 = 5. 50 + 5 = 55. Therefore, 55 words will be the maximum word count. If it exceeds to more than the maximum, it will be marked as invalid.
What are the reasons for the deduction of points?
Deductions happens when a user submitted copied content, duplicate, poor quality and incomplete.
What should a user do to avoid common mistakes?
Always use the capital letter “I” instead of “i” when referring to yourself.
Do not use spun contents.
Choose proper words, spelling, and punctuations.
Do not use numberings on proof of work submitted. Only use numberings if required.
Do not copy the work of others.
Do not provide incomplete or duplicate proof.
Do not use foul words.
Do not use smiley or unnecessary words such as “Hahahaha,” etc.
Always follow word counts. Each task has different word requirements.
Wait for post approval before submitting.
All Social Media posts should be set to public.